Do you remember the last time you bought any new consumer durable product, financial service, or FMCG goods? What was the reason behind selecting a specific brand over another? What are the exact criteria you kept in your mind? To make it easier, let’s take the example of a Television! So was it screen size, features, or maybe even a type of a display?  Was it quality of audio & visuals, the price, or the after-sales services?

You will definitely choose a brand that offers all of the above-mentioned attributes right??? The answer is big YES! But did you know what are the other factors connected with the television that influence your decision?  For years, the manufacturers of television have been studying not only how to make the best TV at the right price, but also how to market those TVs so more customers purchase them.

And after encountering how exactly they are using tricks that made you buy something might surprise you. It is Visual Marketing Activities & Multi-Sensory Experience that connects you on a personal and emotional level with the brand and product. It is the usage of the best advertisements and sales tactics that make your customers get up and buy something. The playground for a marketer is very big so rather choosing tools like images, colors, and text content one should choose Ad films or videos to see the magic. Ad films are the best and creative way to amplify the brand value using sensory marketing to make a long-lasting impression.

The only way to attract & retain more customers is through Ad Films & Video Marketing using all our delicate senses- Smell, Sight, Sound, Taste, and Touch. The scent of perfume or aroma while cooking food, Catchy audio tune & the jingle of a brand or crispy crunchy crackly sound of wafers, sturdy & attractive packaging of the product, structure of a site, quality & style of the clothes, Colors of text or merely the design of a Logo, Motherly image of any product or brand does wonders while taking decisions. Every one of you will accept that we sniff some fruits and squeeze some vegetables to check for freshness. So, these are the things that influence the customer’s decision. Though there are so many companies that are unaware of the importance of these five senses. When you apply the strategy of engaging all the senses to sell the product is referred to as sensory marketing and when you combine this with video marketing the result would be unbelievable!

Here are the three examples of an Ad Film of Coke to create a five-dimensional image in consumer’s minds through video marketing that has covered the senses for the reinforcement & product positioning. It is so appealing that nobody wants to stay behind to taste Coke. In one of these Ad Films, Ranbir Kapoor is the brand ambassador for better reach as well as attracting & influencing the youth – that falls under the visuals section of all senses!

 There would be many fans of Ranbir Kapoor and he is having a huge fan following so the consumers who do not prefer cold-drink but they might try once in their entire life because of him. According to Kissmetrics, there is 93% of visual perception that influences our buying decisions. And to increase the brand impact by 30% one should include more than two senses and 70% when three or more senses come together. 

Below are the links to the video that can help you understand how this sort of advertisement can affect the perception of consumers & trigger their minds with the help of sensory marketing techniques.

1) Turn up your day with Coca-Cola

2)Coca Cola Zero Open

3) Coca Cola sensory

In Video marketing, Taste & Smell are the only two most difficult senses to cater as we can not make people literally smell or taste it. But through the characters and their reactions, we can show them. In this video of Coke, they have tried to catch the real sound of unscrewing the cap and pouring coke, ice cubes, and fizzing bubbles. The sense of touch is hard to portray but indirectly it is captured in the scene while holding the chilled glass with drops on the surface of the glass is being captured. The sight of colors (Red & White logo of coke, black and red color of the liquid, art, and well-designed attire (it is all the visual section) used to influence & seize the frame of mind of the viewers. The smell & taste are also hard to portray in a video but the scene of gulping down the coke and the voice after finishing it up can influence viewers to take the sip and satisfy the thirst. Such effective videos have the ability to associate through humor, emotions, and an element of entertainment with the viewers. Video adds credibility and makes the product or brand more powerful that reveals the true strength of the company.

So this is how senses work, now let’s move to the Ad film & video marketing part how this alone strategy does wonder. It is said that a picture is worth a hundred words, and a video is worth a million. In the fast-paced visual world, If we look at the statistics according to the content marketing institutions, 71% of B2B & more than 66% of B2C marketers are using Ad Films and Video for Marketing. Because of the availability of Video and platforms with a single click of a button that delivers the perfect message and easy to educate viewers, more than 66% of marketers plan to use Linkedin video ads in 2020. This is what the numbers are speaking but let’s talk about why & how Ad films and videos can affect profitability & recognition these days.

When it comes to remembering the ads and content, an average reader retains 10% of textual messages while viewers retain up to 95% of the video statements. With the help of video marketing, you can connect the audience to your brand and make them remember it, video is the best content marketing in all of the other tools. 

If you’re not using video strategy as a part of your marketing strategy you will surely be left behind here are reasons why??

1) From SEO context
If anyone simply mentions the word “Video” in an email campaign in the subject line it can boost open rates by 20% and increase the number of leads generated by 3 times. If I talk about the website you will be glad to know that adding a video to the website can increase the chance by 53 times to be seen on the front-page Google result. Facebook and youtube love videos and this is the reason why advertisers increased their investment in online marketing film. 

2) Increase sales & enhance the Good Will
There are hundreds of companies and start-ups being introduced through video ad films and get fame within a week or two. You name the biggest online market player like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay or any other brand, they are adding videos to the product description for the popularity it has increased the chances of the sale by 35%. People share the video with their followers on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin if they find it interesting, informative, or entertaining.

3) Create Awareness and Educate consumers
Today, almost everything is sold by promotion on TV, App, Website, and mobile, and the only source is through advertisements. Videos are an excellent format through which marketers can educate customers and people. Recently there is a video trend introduced by bloggers of product unboxing in which they share the product features, in how many days the product is being delivered and quality of packaging. It conveys a huge amount of information in a shorter period of time.

4) Helps to retain more customers & Generate leads
Everybody is using at least a single product which they never want to replace until and unless the product or brand is being shut down or banned forever. Video marketing & web pages are used to make consumers sign up for mailing lists. brings the data and after analyzing the numbers and information positive sales leads are being generated by a team.

5) Help to increase online shopping numbers
Online videos on what platform the order should be placed on what things one needs to take care of while placing an order to the shopping experience, so such how-to guidelines video makes the consumer more confident, self-reliable, and helps to trust. Many of the online users go to YouTube to find reviews of a product before they actually buy it. Sometimes such product ads direct consumers to the product’s website or online stores and ultimately it leads to sales if the advertisement is well-crafted.

6) It captures the attention of the people
The creative cum entertaining ad campaigns are good enough to captivate the attention of people. It helps to engage more people when their favorite character or celebrity gets featured. These ad films have come to a long mile by captivating the audience through cinematography.

And this is where we can help!
Communication mediums and brand promotions are increasing simultaneously, in all these the value of the advertisement is increasing day to day basis. It is nearly impossible to accomplish your business objectives without creating meaningful plus visually appealing video content. Bad scripted & cheaply directed video would be easily forgotten, and there best production house plays a vital role. It is not everybody’s cup of tea, good craftsman skills are required in the creation of an effective ad film. We give our Film and Corporate Visual visions and wings to our clients that is where our ad films make a difference. Our process of making an Ad film involves Pre-production, Scripting, production, and post-production including Editing & Color grading & DI, lastly the choice of prime time for launching the campaign.

F&C Visual World is the best advertising agency and video production house in Surat can help you effectively deliver the ad message to your targeted audience by adding animations, visuals, and special effects work to grab eyeballs in an ad film.