It seems like not too long ago I was in College. During 2017 – 2020 I was applying for internships to get real-world experience. I had no idea what I was getting into and had a few options that I was considering at the time. I did not know what to expect. I was still at college and my head was full of hopes and fears. But in the end, I made the best choice that’s led me to where I am right now, and it’s fun looking back. I wanted to secure a summer internship that would not only improve my skills as a designer but also challenge me to learn more about this competitive career as my senior year of college approached.

I began my internship with F&C Visual World, a video production company in Surat back on July 13, and now with just a few weeks left,

The experience was amazing, I could safely say. Every employee’s culture and energy made every day it so exciting to come and learn about this unbelievable industry. And every minute I loved it, I served as a graphic design intern

I’d like to tell you about lessons I learned as a graphic design intern, building on the knowledge acquired during two fairly high-profile internships and hoping that a similarly troubled person could find it useful in the future.

My First Week
On my first day at F&C, I was greeted by the entire team in their beautiful office. I was thrilled to discover that my orientation schedule was jam-packed with meetings, work shadows, and even a design team lunch. The weekly staff meeting is first on the agenda. With the whole team present, it didn’t take long for me to find that everyone here enjoys their work. Everyone was on the same page and coordinated as they went through the week’s projections, highlighted staff achievements, and displayed various stages of client projects. I was able to hear from the partners, web developers, and design team about their progress.

The design team meeting would be next. I was informed about the status of client and internal design initiatives during this meeting. These meetings soon became one of my favorite parts of the week for me. It was an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the designs and tasks of other designers. All of the designers are extremely creative, and their processes and styles taught me a lot. Finally, the design team treated me to lunch at a nearby restaurant, where we all shared our experiences over delicious Pizzas.

I discovered that F&C has integrated processes in place to ensure that projects operate smoothly from conception to completion. Needless to say, I was looking forward to the rest of the internship program!

My Daily Tasks
Nobody knows everything and so I did. I had never created any logo design or anything like it before, so I had no choice but to seek guidance, observe, understand, and then ask again my senior designer. I have to design blogposts logo mockups, book covers and storyboarding, vectors for motion graphics videos, customer pitches. Some of them were intimidating, particularly when the results had to be submitted directly to the client, but I completed them with the help of seniors and learned a lot in the process.

Difficulties I’ve faced
Probably because of the company’s size, I feel compelled to fight for a place within it. This, I believe, is something that comes with any internship. You’ll have to compete with other interns and graduates to show that you’re the best candidate for the Junior Position. Apart from that even if one knows about the tools of adobe illustrator or photoshop one must have to be patient with the software. Sometimes the system gets stuck and does not respond at the time you wanted. and it might develop in the future but the only virtue is required for this job is being patient. I sometimes had to wait for new assignments, client responses, Senior designer’s input, and new materials, among other things.
But working at F&C, I’m having a hard time coming up with a negative because I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

My very first own “project”
I put so much work into this internship that I wanted to get a practical view of what a graphic designer does on a daily basis at an agency like this one. F&C  provided me with just that. I was offered my own branding projects for an actual client in addition to educational exercises. This project provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how a designer approaches a large-scale project from beginning to end. Using F&C’s unique design process, I completed this project over the course of my internship. I’ve known since university that you might be a wizard with Illustrator or InDesign, but it’s only in the workplace that you learn the shortcuts and little tricks that make the job go faster.

One Step Higher
Projects are handled in a more cooperative manner. Senior Designers come around with suggestions about how I can change what I’m doing, and they’re usually stuff I hadn’t considered. As an intern, it’s advantageous because you can also contribute to their job. F&C people were extremely helpful in assisting me to progress in the areas that I wanted to.

This project taught me a lot, including how to approach design professionally and critically while still leaving space for fun and imagination, the importance of coordination and teamwork in a successful project, and that every idea is feasible if implemented well!
It was an excellent opportunity for me to gain experience in the industry and to gain a fresh outlook on what I should expect after I got a job. I’m extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned here to use. Thank you very much, F&C Visual World!