Well, we’ve never experienced anything like this and nobody had any idea about the global pandemic as a risk factor going into the New Year. COVID-19 has triggered fear and uncertainty across the globe. Each passing day the spread of deadly coronavirus is spreading increasingly. The numbers are going to be changed and some industries get annihilated. Advertising is one of the sectors which is going to be affected. Some brands, agencies and companies have reduced the budget and canceled the planned activities.

We don’t know how long it is going to have lingered, but all we can do is utilize this time to get up strong and fight back against the coronavirus… Here are the few points which might help during this self quarantined.

1Be Empathetic & Authentic:

In such stressful scenarios, As marketers one of the important things which need to take care is communication with the community. The message has to be authentic, viewers are looking for a piece of accurate information and memorandum.  Do not catastrophize the situation and get aligned with reality at the same time! Overall it’s best for society if media and brands provide clear and authentic information that aligns with the customers. Platforms that address the right information get more advantage. Listen openly and do not ignore society’s concern. Try to touch the hearts and not the pockets.

2. Airing relevant message:

In marketing, consistency is key. Not just being active every day but delivering the right message to cause viewers to take action. The rise of participation would be increased as the viewers have time to scroll and explore due to the lockdown. So rather than canceling the campaigns one should spend well for reach, stay up to date with the latest news, your message might go viral if the content and context are rightly targeted to the audience!!!

3. Adapt to change:

Due to the crisis and lockdown the adoption of e-commerce has become faster. So one should invest time to strengthen the position of e-commerce. Try to think about the quality of service, how can you improve the user experience, AND that will differentiate your brand from others. The outbreak of Covid-19 has increased the trends that were already developing fast including investments in e-commerce and live streaming. You can think of creating new strategies and focus more on investing in opinion leaders and influencer marketing. You need to recognize the true impact you can have with your marketing art. Change media plans that move towards a primary shift to ‘at home’ channels.

4. Social Responsibility

Think very carefully before you end up making any incorrect statement about Covid-19. As a marketer we hold an important role in hand and a key which is an elemental force that can be used to drive a positive impact. Initiate the CSR activities. By being helpful and leaving a positive impression can produce remarkable results in such a difficult time. You have to be at the right level, focus less on sales and more on customer care… To protect the brand’s credibility you should emphasize the interest of the public and not sales activities and communications which mainly focuses on products… Community building activities are a safe way to engage with viewers and remain front of the mind.

5. Be Positive:

Utilize the lockdown period to realize your full potential, it is a way into that transformational thinking. Sharp your skills set and read more books that empower your soul. Do not exploit the situation. Think about the new services you can include in your existing one. Let’s give others a framework for solving in the midst of a crisis. Help people figure out how to think differently. When you’re able to compete not on the price but on positivity, that will be a winning recipe for your business.

Stay connected with your employees and colleagues remotely by using video conferencing and many other tools. You can establish a remote leadership team and can work upon the core part. You can set work from home goals, weekly virtual coffee sessions or start a virtual book club to make it less boring.
Dwij Trivedi, Film Director


Let’s hope that the Covid-19 passes soon and It has minimal impact on lives. For the time being, try not to socialize with others too much or go into crowded places. Take a cautionary approach and try to stay on top of the culture.

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